Choose to shine nicole farber

Choose to Embrace Your Gift and Let It Shine

We’ve all got this light inside us. Some of us shine brighter than others. And some of us shine so brightly we can’t contain it.

I once was told this story about a little boy who was upset and frustrated all the time with a terrible temper. Every time he lost his temperament, his father made him take a hammer and a bucket of nails and pound a nail into their fence.

After months of having to hammer the nails, the boy was still having some trouble containing his anger. So the father told him every time he loses his temperament, he had to go out and remove each of the nails that he put in.

A few months later, the boy barely lost his temper anymore. He knew the suffering and work he has to put in to hammer the nails that it wasn’t worth the episodes of rage.

With the last nail that he came to, his father came walking out and stood over him. The sun was going down and the boy stood with the yank of the last nail. His dad looked at the boy and told him, “For every heartache or challenge we go through, there will be more light that will be able to shine through us.”

The boy looked up from where he knelt and what he saw was massive amounts of light shining through the holes in the fence. The more the boy hurt, the more light that was coming through the fence from hammering the nails and then pulling them out and getting rid of them!

We’re all meant for a specific purpose in time. We came with a gift inside us to show the world and use it to help light the path of others from the lights we have acquired along our journeys.

It is up to us whether we let it shine and embrace our gifts or we leave them to never be opened.

That is one of my biggest fears. Leaving a gift I was born with left unopened because I didn’t have the courage to just believe.

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