A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Meet Nicole Farber

Entrepreneur, Leader, Motivator, and Mother

Motivational speaker Nicole Farber is passionate about sharing her experiences as an entrepreneur, a business leader, and as a single mother. She believes that anyone can rise above when given the tools to shine.

As the CEO of the digital legal marketing agency she created, Nicole has been a featured speaker at various events, conferences, and colleges, sharing her insights as well as motivating entrepreneurs and executives through her words of wisdom. She has served as a keynote speaker at two nationwide legal marketing conferences and has presented to some of the largest law firms in the country.

Nicole has also been a guest speaker on Google’s behalf at the Small Business Expo in Philadelphia and was a featured speaker at the Connect Conference, helping college students to discover their passion as they prepare for the next level of their lives.

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Always be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

There's nothing better than a thankful heart in a world of hurt.

We should all just strive to be the best version of ourselves.

You always have to find your peace, and it always has to come from within yourself.

If you want to know what the key to success is, it’s giving.

Outside of the comfort zone is where all the magic happens!

Chaos always brings opportunity.

Whatever you love doing the most and whatever comes easiest for you; that is what you should be doing. That is your gift.

If you change your thoughts, you'll change your life.

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A born businesswoman, Nicole started her business from scratch. Relying on her own finances, some close friends, and her own faith, Nicole was able to bring her company from nothing to one of the top legal marketing firms in the country. Nicole is ready to spread her wisdom, her passion, and her knowledge with you so you, too, can be a success!

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“Lead by example” is a phrase that best represents Nicole and her leadership capabilities. As many like to spout how to be a great leader, Nicole is a great leader and brings out the best qualities of her employees. Leadership is not something you can be taught on your own — you need a strong teacher to show you how. And that is what Nicole is.

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With more than a decade of experience working for a variety of clients, Nicole knows all aspects of digital and traditional marketing. From social media to search engine optimization to website design, she’s done it on. An expert in legal marketing, Nicole has consulted and presented in front of hundreds of law firms across the world with their marketing and business needs.

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Nicole’s strength comes from the life she has lived. From her unshakeable belief in silver lining, Nicole has faced her storms and fears head-on, becoming a braver and stronger woman. She knows how difficult life can be and how there seems there is no hope in the future. But if you listen to her story, you will find the path to bring you out on the other side.

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A single mother, Nicole knows the hardships many women and men have in raising a child in this day and age. Her fierce love for her son has taught her to make hard decisions in her life, all for his safety and for his future. She does it all for him and in doing so, has learned so much about selflessness and bravery. She wants to help other parents learn these same lessons.

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Faith does not just mean believing in a set of religious rites and rituals. Faith comes from deep within your soul. You need to believe in something to get you through the challenges presented in life. Nicole believes that she would not be where she is today if not for her unshakeable belief in faith in a higher power and herself. Let her share her faith with you.

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"We've all got this light inside us. Some of us shine brighter than others. And some of us shine so bright we can't control it."

Nicole Farber

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