Nicole Farber looks at computer

“How to Do Good Work & Do Well”: NELA Presentation

On July 9, 2020, I had the amazing opportunity to speak at the 2020 National Employment Lawyers Association Virtual Convention (NELA) to share with lawyers across the country how we can all work together to not only be good at what we do but also do good by our clients and how to choose the right clients when possible.

It was incredible to not only speak to hundreds of employment lawyers but to also share the screen with one of our ENX2 partners, Joseph Garrison of Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, P.C., and a new friend, David Lee of The Law Offices of David L. Lee. Coming from not only different backgrounds but also different geographical regions, we were able to share our own industry and personal insights on how the legal profession can grow by doing good in all areas.

I know with people getting back to work, not everyone who would have liked to tune in to join the virtual convention was able to do so. However, in the spirit of doing good, I wanted to share with you all my top five moments from the “How to Do Good Work & Do Well” panel discussion.

#5: Work-Life Balance is Key.

“There are so many interruptions and people are thinking that their work is not up to par with what it should be creating even more stress.  So here are a couple of things that I would like to recommend…finding your own space, your own room, giving your family members a schedule of what you’re going to be doing and having those specific times set out to do these so they know ahead of time.”

#4: Trust Is The Beginning of Any Partnership.

“… People are really, really needing to trust with one another… We long to have business relationships that are sewn together with trust.  Treat people as you want to be treated. Everything will go much easier, much better as planned once they feel trust…But somehow in the beginning we have to establish that trust so that it stays there. And it’s the most important thing before even going forward.” 

#3: Use Technology Wisely… But Stand Out!

“I would say right now to be very careful with what you are doing, how you’re doing it, and what your message is. Just like any other platform, just make sure your messages are exactly what you want them to be. Even if you are going to go on [Tik Tok], I suggest that you lean more toward entertaining than displaying informational content on this particular platform but both are always better! That’s the one thing you want to do– stand out because we weren’t born to fit in! We were born to stand out.”

#2: Do Good Work And Harvest Success.

Whatever you plant, you’re going to harvest. So remember… whatever you are putting into these different areas of your work (planting seeds), and whatever you are nurturing and caring for, in time you will reap the rewards.”

#1: Share The Stories.

“I think when we share our stories, we connect on a personal level where the good stuff is. It’s what life is all about…Sharing those stories with others helps create happiness in the world…Let’s not keep it quiet, let’s tell people and tell what the good deeds were that you helped make possible for others.”

Our stories, our experiences, are not just passing moments. They shape us into who we are and how we do our work. If we expect to do good things, we need to put good out. So share the good, who knows what will grow out of it.