Walk by Faith Nicole Farber

Walk By Faith and Not By Sight

Well good morning, everybody! It’s Nicole and today’s words of the day are going to be walk by faith and not by sight.

So many times, I’ve heard this in the past and it never sunk in of what it truly meant. And I really had no comprehension of how I can apply it to my life. The principle is so simple — walk by faith and not by sight. Just like we do with so many other things in life, and I’m sitting here, telling you all these different things such as my word of the day and about planting seeds of greatness. Well, aren’t we planting faith in our life as well? Because that is the most important of all.

It’s like taking risks in life. You don’t know. Take a businessperson or an investor. They’re going to invest in things but they don’t know the outcome. They have to take the risk in doing it.

So even though we don’t know the outcome in everything that is going on in life right now, we just have to have the faith that we’re going to get through it and it’s going to come out better than ever. And, that will be measured, that will be measured.

So whatever you put into how much faith you have is exactly what you are going to get back in return. It’s like planting — how much are you planting, how much do you plan on reaping. So it’s the same concept.

So although it’s scary, and maybe depression has set it and anxiety and these feelings of being overwhelmed and can’t leave your bed, I have been there so many times. Even this morning, it was a little difficult because of things that are going on. But you know what? A little bit of faith can move a mountain. And you just got to believe it. And what else are we going to do?

So just try it! Just try it — walk by faith and not by sight.