Hit the reset button Nicole Farber

It’s Time to Hit The Reset Button and Get Creative!

Desperation brings inspiration.

Right now, there are so many people out there who are going through so much. They are desperate to try and improve their situation that is unraveling right before all of us. Many just dig further into the rut, becoming more and more depressed as hopelessness is beginning to set in. But those who remain optimistic and positive are making the most of the situation which is causing them to rise above all the despair. Instead of giving up, they say, “What can I do to better my situation and survive through this?” And at that moment in desperation – creativity is born. 

Because of COVID-19, people are panicking and many shops are closing, especially many of the small business owners.”What are we going to do?” several are crying out, afraid for their livelihood, their families, and their employees. If you have done everything you can and your business still cannot survive this, it’s time to re-think things. 

Yes, that’s right. Find your inspiration in your desperation.

In order to keep the lights on, you must find new outlets to keep going. The old ways do not apply anymore. Change your way of thinking. Instead of the same services or products your business had been thriving with but are no longer, get creative! Come up with something new that people are in need of right now. All around us, business owners are inventing new services and products. It is a season of change and creativity, and it’s time to hit the reset button and take the leap!

One thing I always tell my staff is the good stuff is outside of your comfort zone. And the world we’re currently living in is definitely outside everyone’s comfort zone! So how are you going to leave a mark in the world? It is time for new things!! 

You may be desperate. And maybe you’ve had a little germ of an idea in the back of your mind for weeks, months, even years! Why don’t you take that desperation and change it to something positive?

It’s the season of change. A hard reset. Take advantage and become creative!

Just try it! Good things are coming. ☀️