process before promotion nicole farber

Process Before Promotion

Well good morning, everybody! It’s Nicole and today’s words of the day are going to be process before promotion.

So many times in my life, I’ve wanted something so bad. I dreamed of being a manager, a director, and all these different wishes of going through my stepping stones of life. And sometimes. I would just forget they had to go through the process first. I wanted to get there so quickly but had I got there too quickly, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the stuff I’m going through right now and all the different things that come along with being a small business owner or entrepreneur or just someone who is climbing their way to the top.

So many times, so many people just want to get there. They think it’s this big, straight line right up and they don’t do anything. It’s like an escalator or an elevator that could just get there. No. That’s why they say step by step by step.

Take one step at a time. Because on each level — that’s what I call it, leveling up but it’s steps — each level has something completely different. Most times, I never even thought of the challenges I’m about to face. I never thought about it. And if I didn’t go through the challenges before I got to where I am at right now, all the different challenges and obstacles and just roadblocks I went up against and hurdles and heartaches and just so many different things — if I hadn’t gone through them, I wouldn’t be able to deal with anything that’s going on right now. And the heavy, heavy weight that’s on business owners right now going through this that people don’t even recognize, I want to say, just remember, there will be a time when you get there. If that’s your dream, and you want to.

Just remember, process before promotion. And then, you’ll be able to deal with the stuff when you get there. So, those are my words of the day — process before promotion. Have a great day.