blessing nicole farber

The Greatest Blessing of My Life: My Son

Well good morning, everybody! It’s Nicole here. I just wanted to say hi and give everyone an encouraging word of the day.

But first, I want to give a shout out to my son Nikolus. He turns 17 today. And I know it’s probably it’s such a shock because how can I have a 17-year-old? But it’s true. So if everybody can just wants to give him a shout out, that would be fantastic.

And even though it’s his birthday today, I’m the one who’s blessed. Because he is the greatest gift that I ever received. There hasn’t been a single day since he was born that I have forgot to say that to him. Every single day. And he’s well aware of it. I always say he’s the greatest gift I ever received.

So today, we can all just stop and think about our greatest gifts are.

So if anyone wants to give a shoutout to my son, say happy birthday or actually letting us know what your greatest gifts are, that would be great!